SERVICES: What does she write?

Amy specializes in creating content—the kind of top-level writing that helps organizations build relationships with internal and external audiences, in traditional, digital, and social media.

Executive speeches: She writes everything from keynotes to ceremonial introductions, crafting remarks to suit the occasion and the executive. And she can add shelf life to the effort, recasting the final draft into an article for trade journals, blogs, local newspapers, or newsletters.  

Corporate magazines, newsletters, and other publications: She creates relevant content to reinforce positions of thought leadership and to engage target audenieces, whether the final product is print or digital.

Annual reports: She tells your company's story in a compelling way that invites readership, both in print and on the web. Just as important, she makes the writing process almost painless, with little wear and tear on you and your executives.

Web content: She organizes copy to give visitors the info they're after in as few clicks as possible, with clear, direct, engaging copy that creates a consistent voice and overall personality for your company. She balances the necessary use of SEO keywords for search engines with readability and content flow. And she's Twitter savvy, able to communicate in 140 characters or less, for when tweet-like nuggets are needed.

Ghostwritten articles: She helps build credibility for your company, writing articles for executive bylines to appear in trade journals.

Analyst presentations: She makes it easier for analysts to better understand your company through effective roadshow speeches, slide presentations, and talking points.

Have a project that goes beyond these categories? Not a problem. Clear writing, strategic messaging, and an uncluttered approach apply to any communication need.